Monday, June 22, 2009

Intercultural musings

I have two passions. No, make that three. I love cultures - exploring the depths of differences, experiencing the exotic, seeking to understand oh-so-different perspectives and falling in love with people and places throughout the world (quite literally, in fact).
And then there is the passion around motivation. How are we wired? What make us tick? What drives us to pursue excellence out of intrinsic enjoyment? To function in a way that leads to both joy and productivity? These are the questions that capitvate my attention and swirl endlessly in my mind.
And the third passion? To love the world and everyone in it. To bring joy to others. To do good for all of God's creation.
Join me as I share my musings on these topics in hope of promoting deeper intercultural and interpersonal understanding. I'll be reflecting on insights neuroscience research sheds on leadership, exploring global issues with talent management, and discussing anything else I find intriguing along the way. I embark on this journey with the goal of spreading a message of hope and love ... that we may appreciate our differences just as much as we take comfort in our similiarities.

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